Picture - Linda Reddy
Linda Reddy, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Phone: 848-445-3849
Email: LReddy@rutgers.edu

Dr. Reddy is a Professor in the School Psychology Doctoral Program and serves as the Program Director/Principal Investigator for the School System Improvement (SSI) Project funded by the US DOE. She is the former Founder/Director of the Child/Adolescent ADHD Clinic and Director of the Center for Psychological Services at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is a research scientist at the Devereux Foundation’s Institute of Clinical Training and Research. Her research interests include the assessment and treatment of children with ADHD-related disorders, classroom assessment and teacher professional development, and test development and validation. She has published over 70 papers and book chapters and six books on assessment and interventions for children with special needs. Dr. Reddy has received several research awards and federal and private foundation grants for her work. She is currently the PI of two classroom/school measurement grants funded by US DOE. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Dr. Reddy has held numerous national leadership roles. She is currently the President-Elect of APA Division 16 (School Psychology), Chair of the APA Task Force for Children with Emotional Disturbance and Their Families; and member of the Steering Committee for the APA Interdivisional Task Force on Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Dr. Reddy is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and is a nationally certified school psychologist. Dr. Reddy consults with schools/agencies and conducts school/community workshops nationwide.
Picture - Ryan Kettler
Ryan J. Kettler Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator

Phone: 848-445-5438
Email: r.j.kettler@rutgers.edu

Dr. Kettler is an Assistant Professor in the School Psychology Program of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Prior to joining Rutgers in 2011, he held faculty positions at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University and at California State University, Los Angeles, and completed an internship in professional psychology at Ethan Allen School in Wales, Wisconsin. In 2007, Ryan was named an Early Career Scholar by the Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP). Ryan's research is designed to improve methods for identifying students with special needs and measuring their strengths and weaknesses. He has worked on multiple federally funded grants examining the effectiveness of alternate assessments, academic and behavioral screening systems, and testing accommodations. Ryan is the author of peer reviewed publications and presentations within these areas under the program: Data-Driven Assessment for Intervention. He is the editor of the SSSP Research Registry and a co-editor of the Handbook of Accessible Achievement Tests for All Students.
Picture - Alexander Kurz
Alexander Kurz, Ph.D., BCBA
Co-Principal Investigator

Phone: 480-727-5695
Email: alexander.kurz@asu.edu

Dr. Kurz is an Assistant Research Professor in the Learning Sciences Institute at Arizona State University. He received his training at Vanderbilt University earning his M.Ed. in Special Education & Applied Behavior Analysis in 2007 and his Ph.D. in Special Education & Educational Psychology in 2011. He is a former special education teacher with over 15 years of experience in the field of special education. He has worked as a behavior analyst in home and school settings, as well as an educational consultant and psychometric research analyst. His research and scholarly writing focus on providing teachers data-based access to their “instructional live stream”—critical aspects of ongoing classroom instruction associated with student achievement. The concept of opportunity-to-learn (OTL) has provided the theoretical and empirical framework for his evolving program of research. Dr. Kurz has published over a dozen journal articles and book chapters on alignment, accessibility, OTL, as well as the assessment of OTL and its implications for professional development. He further is the lead author and developer of the Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System (MyiLOGS), a use-inspired OTL measurement tool for which he received the Bonsal Applied Education Research Award in 2011. He has conducted professional development workshops with hundreds of teachers in several states around the country.

As a Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Kurz leads research and professional development related tasks to facilitate the successful implementation of the educator and principal evaluation systems in the SSI Project. These include conducting program evaluation, overseeing trainings for the two evaluation systems, developing assessments, and linking professional development opportunities to performance.

In addition to the SSI Project, Dr. Kurz is also conducting research on OTL and student growth for the National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education (NCAASE).
Picture - Eva Ho
Eva Ho
Business Specialist

Phone: 848-445-3846
Email: yeh@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Eva Ho is a Rutgers University alumnus. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Rutgers University’s School of Business. As the Business Specialist, Eva manages the human resource components and financial aspects of the SSI Project.

During her tenure at Rutgers, Eva has been involved in the implementation of several large scale administrative reforms.  While working in the Department of Human Resources, she was part of an implementation team that transitioned 30,000 employees from an outdated system to a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS).  Her work involved overseeing HR/Payroll transactions, researching policies and procedures, providing front-end HRIS support, and HRIS testing and development. 

Eva is committed to improving institutional processes in education by integrating technology and organizational planning.  With a background in communication and marketing, she advocates and has implemented social media as a means to improve business processes.  As a graduate student, Eva designed projects that provided various departments with proposals and recommendations for best practices in business marketing, total quality management, and employee management. 

Eva maintains strong ties with students at Rutgers through community service. She served as an advisor for the Vietnamese Student Association from 2006-2009 and was a co-founding member of Phi Alpha Delta.
Picture - Chris Dudek
Christopher M. Dudek
Assistant Director of Research and Technology Integration

Phone: 848-445-3845
Email: cdudek@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Christopher M. Dudek is an experienced research project manager in the development of teacher practice assessments. For the past five years, he has overseen the daily administration and research activities of the Classroom Strategies Scale (CSS), a new multi method and multi-dimensional teacher progress monitoring assessment sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Educational Sciences. As the project lead, Christopher was responsible for monitoring multi-state, multi-site data collection, developing inter-observer reliability procedures, maintaining data quality assurances and facilitating the publication and presentation of research validating the CSS.

As a Research Analyst, Christopher performs various research specific tasks to facilitate successful implementation of the educator evaluation systems in the SSI Project. These include training teachers and principals on evaluation systems, developing educator assessments, monitoring data quality assurance, and data analysis to ensure integrity and efficacy of the SSI system.

Christopher is a Rutgers University alumnus and has a BA in Psychology. He is currently completing an Ed.M. at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education and intends to continue his studies at the doctoral (Ph.D.) level.  His research interests include developing educator and classroom observational assessments, linking such assessments to evidence based professional development interventions, and the efficacy of professional development interventions.
Picture - Todd Glover
Todd Glover Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor

Phone: 848-445-5416
Email: todd.glover@rutgers.edu

Todd Glover, PhD, is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. He has been a principal investigator (PI) or co-PI of multiple projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences, including large-scale randomized trials, a national research center, and a postdoctoral training program, all of which have focused on investigating the efficacy of school-based interventions for at-risk or underserved students.  He has also been the PI of numerous state-funded educational intervention research and implementation projects.  Dr. Glover’s research, editor/co-editorship of books, and scholarly writing in journals and chapters focuses on integrating evidence-based interventions and high quality professional development (including teacher coaching) into systems of support for students in school settings.
Picture - Adam Lekwa, PhD
Adam Lekwa, PhD
Assistant Research Professor

Phone: 848-445-5437
Email: adam.lekwa@rutgers.edu

Dr. Adam Lekwa is an Assistant Research Professor in the Graduate School for Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. He completed his graduate training in school psychology at the University of Minnesota, where he received a Ph.D. in 2012. Prior to joining Rutgers Adam held positions as a School Psychologist and as an Instructional Services Coordinator for two special education cooperatives in Minnesota. His responsibilities ranged from evaluation and consultation for individual students to provision of professional development sessions on assessment and intervention. He also engaged in consultation with teams of administrators on district level achievement data, and implementation of multi-tiered systems of service delivery. Adam has authored or co-authored multiple papers, professional reports, and presentations at national conferences on educational assessment and data-based decision making. His current research interests include formative assessment of academic skills and instructional practices, as well as instructional coaching. 
Picture - Anthony Irvin
Anthony Irvin
Leadership Principal

Phone: 848-445-3740
Email: anthony.irvin@rutgers.edu

Anthony Irvin is an experienced teacher and building administrator. He was a high school English teacher for 16 years. His administrative experience includes seven years as a building principal and ten years as an assistant principal.

Anthony earned a BA degree in English and Education from Widener University. He holds both an MA degree and an Ed D degree in Educational Leadership, all earned at Widener University.

He is a Fellow of the University of Delaware Principals Academy and was trained at the University of Virginia’s School Turn-Around Principal Specialist Program. Anthony is also an adjunct professor/instructor for graduate level courses in leadership, supervisory and principal development.

In his role as a Leadership Principal, Anthony will provide professional development for school administrators through collaborative consultation, coaching, and mentoring.
Picture - Steve Heisler
Steve Heisler
Leadership Principal

Phone: 848-445-3740
Email: heisler@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Steve Heisler received his MA degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Rutgers University. He also has a BA degree in Theater from SUNY/Buffalo and an MA degree in Creative Writing from CUNY/Queens.

Steve has worked as a trainer and program developer in the educational technology industry. He is an experienced teacher and school administrator having worked K-12 in schools in New York City and New Jersey. Steve is also the author of the recently published book: The Missing Link: Teaching and Learning Critical Success Skills.

The main focus of Steve’s work with the School Systems Improvement Project will be to mentor administrators on how to employ new evaluative tools to foster teacher professional growth and increase student achievement.

In his role as a Leadership Principal for the SSI Project, Steve will provide professional development for school administrators through collaborative consultation, coaching, and mentoring.
Picture - Christian Mathews
Christian Mathews
Leadership Principal

Phone: 848-445-3740
Email: cmm522@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Christian Mathews is a Leadership Principal in the School Systems Improvement (SSI) Project. Prior to joining the SSI Project, Christian was a Social Studies teacher. He was a Basic Skills Supplementary Instructor and an ESL Instructor in both public and private schools in New Jersey. Christian is also an adjunct professor and teaches courses in Urban Teaching Field Experience, Culture and Diversity, and other courses in history and education.

Christian is pursuing an Ed D in Education. He has an MA degree in Education from Seton Hall University. He was the Valedictorian of his graduating class at Felician College, earning a BA degree in International Education with a double major in History and Social Sciences. Christian has presented at state, national, and international conferences on topics ranging from environmental education, teaching in the Middle East, leadership, and economics.

In his role as a Leadership Teacher, Christian will provide professional development for teachers through collaborative consultation, coaching, and mentoring.
Picture - Bill Davis
William Davis
Leadership Teacher

Phone: 848-445-3740 ext 40217
Email: wd149@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

William Davis, is a Leadership Teacher, providing support and professional development for classroom teachers of partner schools. Prior to joining the School System Improvement Project, he worked with secondary pre-service student teachers as an instructor of secondary education at Millersville University. A certified teacher of social studies, with credentials in gifted and talented teaching, he has worked across the secondary grades while in schools in New Mexico and Pennsylvania. In addition, he has experience working with International Baccalaureate curriculum, having taught both English B and Theory of Knowledge at an IB World School in the People's Republic of China.

Davis holds a BA in History from Shippensburg University, as well as an M.Ed. in secondary education from Eastern New Mexico University. His research interests center around pre-service teacher education, particularly the role of supervisors as a link between university programs and K-12 schools.
Picture - LaGreta B.Brown
LaGreta B. Brown
Leadership Teacher

Phone: 848-445-3740 ext 40219
Email: LaGreta.Brown@Rutgers.edu

LaGreta B. Brown is a Leadership Principal/Leadership Teacher in the SSI Project. Prior to joining the SSI Project, LaGreta was an English teacher in Camden County. She has been Assistant Principal in Camden County and a middle school and high school Principal in Gloucester, Monmouth and Atlantic Counties. Through New Jersey Leader to Leader, a state approved comprehensive mentoring and induction program for new school leaders, LaGreta is a Mentor to new school administrators and leaders as they complete a two year Residency for Standard Principal Certification. As an advocate for excellence in education, she fosters sustainable increases in student achievement and behavioral management systems within a community of learners. Moreover, she provides professional development and workshops on multiple educational topics such as teaching, learning, increasing student achievement, curriculum development, and time management. In her role as a Leadership Principal/Leadership Teacher, LaGreta will provide professional development for administrators and teachers through collaborative consultation, coaching, and mentoring. LaGreta received a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and English from West Chester State University and Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Temple University. She will pursue a Ph.D. in Education. As an active community member, she is the recent recipient of the Unsung Hero award from the Philadelphia Conference Lay Organization; The Lucien E. Blackwell Guiding Light Award, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and the Educational Leadership Award. She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Kappa Omega Chapter in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Picture - Heba Abdo
Heba Abdo
Senior Program Administrator

Phone: 848-445-3740 Ext 40216
Email: habdo@rutgers.edu

Heba Abdo has been connected to Rutgers University in some capacity for over 15 years. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Rutgers University and is currently enrolled in Rutgers’ Educational Doctorate Program. Prior to joining the SSI Project, Heba was an elementary school principal for 3 years and taught in grades K-8 for many years.

In her role as Senior Program Assistant, Heba supports teachers and instructional coaches to implement best practices by providing collaborative consultation, coaching, and mentoring.

Heba is particularly interested in in helping teachers to understand and improve their practice through self-reflection, and she views good teacher evaluation tools as a great catalyst for such work. Heba has also presented School System Improvement Findings at many conferences including the American Educational Research Association 2016 conference.
Picture - Brian Shevory
Brian Shevory
Leadership Teacher

Phone: 848-445-3740 Ext 40222
Email: bs697@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Brian Shevory has been teaching and working with teachers in different capacities for the past 15 years. He began his career teaching English and Language Arts in public schools in Pennsylvania and Delaware. He continued his work as a teacher and team leader for 10th and 12th grades at Freire Charter School in Philadelphia. At Freire, Brian was responsible for overseeing student and staff needs at the 10th and 12th grade levels. He worked with teachers to improve instructional outcomes and plan meaningful co-curricular projects for students and teachers. He also developed the AP literature program and a film studies curriculum for 11th grade. Brian has also worked in higher education, teaching classes in adolescent development and educational psychology. He served as a research assistant on a Ford Foundation Grant for Temple University’s College of Education where helped to implement new practices to improve observation and placement practices for pre-service teachers. He also recently worked at Temple University’s Teaching and Learning Center where he helped schedule, plan and facilitate professional development and workshops for university faculty. Brian also worked with international students and teaching assistants at Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania as an instructor in their English Language Programs. He taught courses ranging from introducing academic skills to instructional discourse for international teaching assistants. He is interested in teacher efficacy, teacher identity development, and culturally responsive teaching practices. In his spare time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading, and cooking.
Picture - Ilona (Lon) Arnold-Berkovits, Ph.D.
Ilona (Lon) Arnold-Berkovits, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Implementation and Evaluation

Phone: 848-445-5417
Email: berkovit@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Ilona Arnold-Berkovits is a statistician and psychometrician with expertise in education research. Her experience includes qualitative and quantitative data collection, sampling design, and statistical analysis with a focus on growth modeling, structural equation modeling, and simulation studies. She is also experienced in assessment development, assessment scoring, survey development, and program evaluation.

Before joining the Rutgers SSI Project, Ilona managed large-scale longitudinal data collections and authored reports at the U.S. Department of Education, NCES, for the NELS:88 and ELS:2002. As a Senior Psychometrician at the Grow Network and CTB/McGraw-Hill, she has also, worked closely with school districts and state departments of education to develop, implement, and score K-12 standardized assessment programs, as well as to provide reports and professional development to educators, administrators, parents, and students. Her work in education research also includes implementing program evaluations of teacher preparation programs at Montclair State University.

Dr. Arnold-Berkovits is a Rutgers University alumnus with a B.A. in Psychology; an ETS Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellow; and she holds a doctorate from the University of Maryland in Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation.
Picture - Jaclyn Kukuch
Jaclyn Kukuch
Program Coordinator

Phone: 848-445-5435
Email: jaclyn.kukuch@rutgers.edu

Prior to joining SSI, Jaclyn worked in the HR and recruiting fields where she managed the onboarding process for new hires and maintained all documentation. She was also responsible for interviewing, coaching, and placing candidates in various positions as well as a variety of administrative and human resources tasks. She also currently works part time as an administrative assistant outside of Rutgers University.

In her role as Program Coordinator, Jaclyn is responsible for administering travel expenses for SSI staff and partners, researching possible grants and other funding opportunities, reporting and resolving reconciliation issues and discrepancies, and any other business matters relating to SSI.

Jaclyn received her Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology from William Paterson University, and plans to pursue her Master’s at Rutgers University.
Picture - Andrew Broome
Andrew Broome
Research Assistant

Phone: 848-445-5435
Email: ab917@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Andrew received a B.A in Political Science and History from Rutgers University. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Policy Studies with an emphasis on Global Business Models and Sustainable Investment from Rutgers University. Andrew maintains experience in international relations having worked at the Consulate General of Canada in New York City for the International Business Development team, where he was responsible for facilitating the operations of their Health Information Technology business accelerator program.

As a research assistant for the School System Improvement Project, Andrew aids the research team with project implementation in numerous areas, such as generating project status reports and presentation materials and analyzing collected data to recommend project performance and improvement measures.
Picture - Heather Ziemba
Heather Ziemba
Research Assistant

Phone: 848-445-5435
Email: heather.ziemba@rutgers.edu

Heather is currently a senior at the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences pursuing her BA in Psychology. Heather provides assistance for several ongoing projects within SSI, including communications, data management, and data analysis. Prior to joining SSI, Heather worked in the food-service industry as an assistant restaurant manager, where she was responsible for training employees and shift-leaders as well as implementation of new products.

On campus, Heather is a Transfer Mentor where she helps incoming transfer students from other universities adjust to the Rutgers community. Outside of Rutgers, Heather is an active member of her town’s local first-aid squad where she serves as the squad’s secretary and is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician. Heather plans to continue her education after graduation to reach her goal of becoming a School Psychologist.
Picture - Kevin Crouse
Kevin Crouse
Research Analyst

Phone: 848-445-5435
Email: kevin.crouse@rutgers.edu

Prior to joining SSI, Kevin was a Doctoral Research Fellow in the Theory, Organization, and Policy program at Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Before that, he was Senior Developer at the McDonnell Genome Institute in Saint Louis, Missouri.

In his role as Research Analyst, Kevin designs project-related databases and conducts data analyses to support project goals. He oversees mechanisms to clean and validate data, aggregate and link data across disparate sources, and prepare reports and presentations based on the analyses.

Kevin received an A.B. in English Literature and Secondary Education and a B.S. in Computer Sciences at Washington University in Saint Louis. He received a Masters of Education at Rutgers University, and he is a doctoral candidate in the Theory, Organization, and Policy program at the Graduate School of Education here at Rutgers.