Classroom Strategies Assessment System [CSAS]



The Classroom Strategies Assessment System [CSAS] has been extensively developed and validated over the past eight years using modern test development methods, user input, pilot testing, and implementation in public schools. The CSAS development has been supported by funding from federal and private foundations.

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Federal and Private Foundation Funding (over 42 million dollars)

US DOE additional direct funds for SSI Project and Rutgers University ($543,174, PI: Linda Reddy)
Collaborative Coaching: Improving Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Achievement through Formative Assessment in High Poverty Schools:  Brady Education Foundation ($272,365; PI: Linda Reddy; Co-PI: Elisa Shernoff)
School System Improvement (SSI) Project, U.S. Department of Education, Teacher Incentive Fund Competition (S374A120060;  $39,703,502; PI: Linda Reddy; Co-PIs: Ryan Kettler & Alexander Kurz)
Development and Validation of a Teacher Progress Monitoring Scale for Elementary School Teachers, U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Educational Sciences Goal 5 Measurement Award (R305A080337; $1,486,000; PI: Linda Reddy; Co-PI: Gregory Fabiano)

Effective Instruction Research

  • Grounded in over 60 years of effective instruction literature that covers instruction and classroom behavior management
  • Incorporates effective practices from three models: Direct Instruction, Differentiated Instruction, and Constructivist-based teaching models. Also examines the promotion of metacognition and feedback processes.

Expert, Principal, Teacher, and School Personnel Input

  • Researchers, Teachers, and other experts in instruction and classroom behavior management provided input on the content and validity of the CSAS
  • Teachers, Principals, and other school personnel from local school districts reviewed the Classroom Strategies Assessment System and gave feedback on its content and process

Pilot Testing

  • Classroom Strategies Assessment System was pilot tested in over 500 classrooms and 1500 observed lessons
  • Pilot tests included Principals, Teachers, School Personnel and a national board of experts

Validity and Reliability Studies

The Classroom Strategies Assessment System evidences good reliability and validity based on the 2014 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
  • Evidence of Construct Validity includes:
    1. Extensive consumer and expert input and pilot testing on domains, dimensions and items
    2. Use of advanced statistics methods to test domains and dimensions within classroom observations
  • Evidence of Reliability includes:
    1. Internal Consistency
    2. Test-Retest Reliability
    3. Inter-Observer Reliability
    4. Freedom from Item Bias
  • Evidence of Validity includes
    1. Construct Validity
    2. Predictive Validity to Statewide Student Mathematics and Language Arts Testing
    3. Concurrent Validity with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)
    4. Divergent Validity with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)
    5. Concurrent Validity with the Danielson Framework for Teaching


CSAS Forms and Structure

The CSAS Observer Form includes three parts:

  1. Strategy Counts
  2. Strategy Rating Scales [Instructional and Behavioral Management Strategies]
  3. Classroom Checklist

The CSAS Teacher Form includes two parts that are identical to the Observer form:

  1. Strategy Rating Scales [Instructional and Behavioral Management Strategies]
  2. Classroom Checklist

For information on the CSAS, trainings and collaborative projects please contact:

Linda Reddy, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Phone: (848) 445-3849 or (732) 289-1365