Classroom Strategies Assessment System [CSAS]


The Classroom Strategies Assessment System [CSAS] is a user friendly classroom observation instrument that enhances teachers’ effective classroom practices in two domains: Instructional Strategies and Classroom Behavioral Management Strategies. The Classroom Strategies Assessment System supports teacher growth and professional development by facilitating the use of effective instructional and classroom behavioral management practices linked to positive student learning outcomes. Both administrators and teachers can use the CSAS in a collaborative process to dialogue about effective practice, guide targeted professional development, and ultimately enhance the quality of instruction present in each classroom.

Developed as part of a U. S. Dept. of Education Institute of Educational Sciences grant in collaboration with scholarship from Rutgers University, the Classroom Strategies Assessment System generates information that is empirically valid, practical, and useful for guiding teacher professional development. CSAS scores help administrators and teachers:

  • Establish a common understanding of effective instruction and classroom behavior management
  • Identify effective instruction and classroom behavior management practices in classrooms
  • Develop specific and targeted professional development goals for both individuals and groups
  • Facilitate implementation of effective instruction and classroom behavior management practices

For information on the CSAS, trainings, and collaborative projects please contact:

Linda Reddy, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Phone: (848) 445-3849 or (732) 289-1365

Identify Effective Instruction and Behavior Management
Develop Individualized Professional Development Goals and Plans
Facilitate Teacher Growth and Development
Multi-Method assessment + Data Based Decision Making + Targeted Professional Development = Effective Teaching